A post by Singh in amazing 3 star hotels in Rajasthan

Recently I went on a trip to Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer and this trip was sponsored by a resort name la Premier [now thats a good part of being a travel blogger]. So as promissed I told them that you can write a guest post on my site and here is it.

Singh is the GM of the jaipur hotel and today he has shared a list of some amazing 3 star hotels and resorts of 4 Rajasthani cities. All these accommodation providers are amazing and has been praised for the services and amazing hotels. So if you are ever planning to visit Rajasthan then I am sure that you will love this list.



This resort is surrounded by small hilly region giving an enchanting view of the surrounding landscape. The neatly nested green-hills opens sor over two hundred species of birds. One can also see a few villages who are still preserving the culture and traditions of Rajasthani for millenniums.

La Premier Spa & resort is a scene of calmness with spar therapy offering a nice place for a peaceful weekend with your family and friends. It is also the best place to rest for those destined to tourists attraction sites kike Jairgarh Fort, Amer Fort, Jal mahal, Pink city and Hawa Mahal.

So book this resort in Jaipur if you want to just relax and enjoy the beauty of Jaipur.


This hotel is a 3 star hotel, located about 2.2 km from Railway, 3 km from Jodhpur Airport and 1.7 km from bus-stand. Its multi-cuisine restaurant serves different types of mouth-watering delicacies.

There is also a bar where one can get to enjoy a comfortable sitting, wines with tequila, zippy tang and martins. Known for its preservation of Rajput heritage, this hotel is perfect for visitors destined to such tourist attractions like Umaid Bhawan Palace and Umaid Bhawan Palace and also ideally suited for those on leisure travels and business trips.



This historic hotel gives visitors a rare feel of royalty. This magnificent and a luxury heritage property is located approximately a kilometer from Bikaner city centre. It offers a 24-hour coffee-shop in what was formally a palace study place.

In what used to be the Maharaja dining hall decorated with gilded carved wood-ceiling and pure gold, you get to enjoy a meal as it is now a restaurant. The exterior of the palace is constructed with red sandstone. It sits on expansive landscaped lawns with lily ponds and water fountains making it even more attractive. Rooms found in this facility are highly comfortable and lavishly endowed with carved wood ceilings and gold wall paintings. 



This Haveli located a few meters from Udaipur’s famous palace and Jagdish Temple. Located on the eastern banks of Lake Pichola, this stunning hotel used to be a resident place of Thakur of Jaiwana. It is about 25-minute drive from Udaipur Airport. This hotels rooms are highly furnished and air conditioned, and also offer free Wi-Fi for visitors.

The property also houses a good shopping arcade and roof-top restaurant. Guests can also choose to have an Ayurvedic massage or other wide range of activites. Its ambiance surroundings coupled with modern amenities make this royal hotel a memorable place and thoroughly enjoyable to the guests.

Plus if you want to know more about amazing hotels and resort in Rajasthan then I will suggest you to check the list provided by tripadvisor.

A post by Mohit on Wild Attractions of Nagarhole National Park

Located in the lovely surroundings of the state of Karnataka, in the pristine ambience of a great land is found a beautiful region filled with the best ambience and laden with a great surrounding.

Nagarhole National Park

Just around 80 kms from the region of Nagarhole, this is a great region, to be in and an ideal destination for animal lovers. So get to see the best wildlife experiences and bask in the pleasures of a great travel delight. Spanning around 64,330 hectares and see the lovely wildlife leisures that seem to come alive here.


Visit the rhino in the Kaziranga Nagarhole National Park here and enjoy this lovely park which has the best abundance of wildlife. There are large mammals which have animals like the leopard, tiger, dhole, wild elephant, and the Indian bison, the gaur.

There are other species like the muntjak, the chital spotted deer, the four horned antelope, the sloth bear, the wild boar and th mongoose, hyena and the civet. The landscape here is very gentle and the valleys with their shallow slopes.

With the surroundings of dry deciduous forests which provide the perfect background for the wildlife enthusiast, the grassy swamps here with their clayey soil provide another delight altogether.

Nagarhole National Park
Nagarhole National Park

The area is perennially moist and has the best growth of luxuriant greenery all through. The refreshing ambiance here provides a perfect travel delight and the entire region of Nagarhole National Park is filled with he best pleasures of a great wildlife region.

The name Nagarhole is obtained from the two words Nagar and Hole. Nagar means snake and hole means streams, The place has some of the best serpentine streams that go through the tropical forest here which was established in the year 1955.

In the year 1975, the entire area was expanded to have more forest reserve. Initially the forest was a hunting ground and the Maharajas of Mysore used to come here to satisfy their adventure pursuits. The park got recently renamed as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park.

Today the Nagarhole National Park is among the best wildlife zones in this part of the world and has a great population of bison and elephant. There are many animal varieties here that have more than 250 bird species here.

birds nagarhole national park
Birds nagarhole national park

The Kabini river in the north borders the land with a kind of beauty that is unmistakable. Then you have the Bandipur National park which is another magnificent beauty here into his land.

Kabini dam
Kabini dam

There is the Kabini dam which is a greatly fascinating picturesque reservoir which is the divider between the two national parks. The dry seasons of February and June attracts a lot of tourists to see the beauty of this place and to see the artificial lake which looks majestic here.

At the Nagarhole National Park the temperature does not cross to a very high degree and the small and brief winter here is from the months of November to may.

The temperature during this time comes down to around 33 degrees centigrade. The monsoon is not regular and the main vegetation is the mixed deciduous and moist type.


The animals one can see here are the gaur, the wild bor, the barking deer, the four horned antelope. This is also a great place to see the sights of the elephants here which are a major feature here in this part of the world. There are beautiful bamboo thickets and lovely luxuriant verdant stretches which provided the visual delights here.

Amongst the 250 bird species, the water fowl in the river Kabini is very popular. then you have the blue bearder bee eater, the scarlet minviet and the herons and ducks are very much favorites of all the nature lovers.

Monitor lizard
Monitor lizard

Nagarhole National park also has the best kind of reptiles, the monitor lizard, and the marsh crocodile and many such species. There are aquatic and terrestrial tortoises and the tree frogs, toads and frogs. This is also the main area for many butterflies and insects and there are many nature lovers who come here specially to see this.

Nagarhole National park is reached easily from the nearby areas of Karnataka from the towns of Mysore and Madikere. Bangalore is the major international airport and railhead.